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Advanced data analysis with Power Pivot, dynamic arrays, custom Excel add-ins, advanced VBA programming, data visualization with Power BI, advanced charting and graphing techniques, data mining and machine learning, financial modeling and analysis, database connectivity and integration, Excel automation with PowerShell, Excel for big data analysis, Excel services and SharePoint integration, advanced spreadsheet optimization, Excel web development, Excel for business intelligence (BI).



Microsoft Excel for Experts, who are already proficient in intermediate-level topics and seek to master advanced functionalities and techniques, here are some advanced topics:

  1. Advanced Data Analysis with Power Pivot: Utilizing Power Pivot to create data models, relationships, and complex calculations using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).
  2. Dynamic Arrays: Leveraging Excel’s dynamic array formulas and spill ranges to perform advanced calculations and manipulate large datasets more efficiently.
  3. Custom Excel Add-ins: Developing and deploying custom Excel add-ins using VBA or JavaScript to extend Excel’s functionality.
  4. Advanced VBA Programming: Mastering VBA programming by writing complex macros, user-defined functions (UDFs), and handling advanced scenarios like error handling, event-driven programming, and interacting with other Office applications.
  5. Data Visualization with Power BI: Integrating Excel with Power BI to create interactive dashboards and reports for advanced data visualization and analysis.
  6. Advanced Charting and Graphing Techniques: Creating sophisticated and visually appealing charts using advanced features such as sparklines, treemaps, waterfall charts, and 3D charts.
  7. Data Mining and Machine Learning: Applying data mining and machine learning algorithms within Excel using tools like Azure Machine Learning, Power Query, and Power Pivot to analyze and forecast trends.
  8. Financial Modeling and Analysis: Building complex financial models for valuation, scenario analysis, and forecasting using Excel’s built-in financial functions and modeling techniques.
  9. Database Connectivity and Integration: Connecting Excel to external databases like SQL Server, Oracle, or Access, and performing advanced data manipulation and analysis.
  10. Excel Automation with PowerShell: Automating Excel tasks using PowerShell scripting to perform bulk operations, data import/export, and report generation.
  11. Excel for Big Data Analysis: Handling and analyzing large datasets beyond Excel’s traditional row limits using techniques like data segmentation, Power Query optimizations, and external data connections.
  12. Excel Services and SharePoint Integration: Leveraging Excel Services and SharePoint to publish and share Excel workbooks, dashboards, and reports across an organization.
  13. Advanced Spreadsheet Optimization: Optimizing Excel workbooks for performance by minimizing calculation times, reducing file size, and implementing efficient data structures and formulas.
  14. Excel Web Development: Creating interactive web applications using Excel as a backend data source combined with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  15. Excel for Business Intelligence (BI): Implementing end-to-end business intelligence solutions using Excel, including data modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and reporting.

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Microsoft Excel Data AnalysisMicrosoft Excel for Experts
Original price was: 405.00$.Current price is: 350.00$.
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