Financial Forecast, Modeling, Budgets & Estimates, Analysis

Our service specializes in comprehensive financial forecasting, modeling, budgets, estimates, and analysis, leveraging the power of both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. With meticulous attention to detail and expertise in financial management, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team harnesses the capabilities of these versatile platforms to create dynamic and customizable financial models, allowing for precise projections and strategic planning. Whether it’s forecasting future revenues, modeling investment scenarios, or analyzing financial performance, we deliver accurate insights and actionable recommendations to drive informed decision-making. Trust in our proficiency to streamline your financial processes and optimize your business strategies for sustained success.

Financial Forecast using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
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Startup Costing and Financing
Revenue Assumptions
Direct Cost Assumptions
Operating Cost Assumptions
Working Capital Assumptions
Depreciation Schedule
Amortization Schedule (If applicable)
Financial Statements
(Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows)
Financial Highlights/Graphs
Sensitivity Analysis
Breakeven Analysis
Discounted Cash Flow and NPV
Customized service as client wants

Service details

  • Startup Costing and Financing: We assist clients in estimating the initial costs associated with launching a startup, including capital expenditures, startup expenses, and working capital requirements. Additionally, we provide guidance on various financing options available to fund startup activities.

  • Revenue Assumptions: We help clients develop realistic revenue projections based on market analysis, sales forecasts, pricing strategies, and growth projections. Our goal is to create revenue models that reflect the true potential and scalability of the business.

  • Direct Cost Assumptions: We analyze direct costs such as raw materials, labor, and production expenses to estimate their impact on the overall cost structure. By accurately assessing direct costs, we enable clients to optimize pricing strategies and maximize profitability.

  • Operating Cost Assumptions: We evaluate operating expenses such as rent, utilities, marketing, and administrative costs to forecast their impact on the company’s financial performance. Our analysis helps in budgeting and resource allocation for day-to-day operations.

  • Working Capital Assumptions: We project working capital needs by assessing the cash conversion cycle, inventory turnover, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. This ensures adequate liquidity to support ongoing operations and growth initiatives.

  • Depreciation Schedule: We develop depreciation schedules to track the gradual reduction in value of fixed assets over time. By applying appropriate depreciation methods, we ensure compliance with accounting standards and accurate financial reporting.

  • Amortization Schedule (If applicable): For intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, and software licenses, we create amortization schedules to allocate their costs over their useful lives. This helps in assessing the impact of amortization expenses on profitability.

  • Financial Statements: We prepare comprehensive financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement, reflecting the company’s financial performance, position, and liquidity over a specific period.

  • Financial Highlights/Graphs: We present key financial metrics and performance indicators using graphical representations such as charts and graphs. This allows for easy interpretation and visualization of financial trends and patterns.

  • Sensitivity Analysis: We conduct sensitivity analysis to assess the impact of various factors and assumptions on financial outcomes. This helps in identifying key drivers of financial performance and evaluating scenario-based risks and opportunities.

  • Breakeven Analysis: We calculate breakeven points to determine the level of sales or production at which the company’s revenues equal its expenses. This analysis helps in setting pricing strategies and assessing profitability thresholds.

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and NPV (Net Present Value): We perform DCF analysis to estimate the present value of future cash flows discounted at a specified rate. NPV analysis helps in evaluating investment opportunities and determining their potential returns.


  • Accurate financial forecasting and modeling tailored to your business needs.
  • Informed decision-making supported by comprehensive financial analysis and insights.
  • Enhanced understanding of cost structures, revenue drivers, and profitability metrics.
  • Improved strategic planning and resource allocation based on scenario analysis and sensitivity testing.
  • Clear visualization of financial performance through graphical representations and financial statements.

By utilizing our financial forecasting and analysis services, clients can gain clarity and confidence in their financial strategies, enabling them to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth and success.

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